Holne Christingle - 10th December 4pm

I have been invited to write about Christingle now part of Holne’s journey to Christmas. Christingle invites us to look again at Jesus Christ “The Light of the World”; and there are many other ways of seeing Him. So the service on 10th December at 4 pm at Holne in Advent, the Season of Joyful Hope and Expectation, is a great time to discover some of these before we are immersed in Christmas.

Gathering for Christingle and cheerfully giving money is a practical way of supporting the amazing varied work of The Children’s Society making a difference to vulnerable young people in England and Wales. The Society has a life of service dating back to 1881, and today in our own difficult economic and social times it speaks to Power, it is an advocate for children, and influences government policy; as well as working quietly and effectively day-to-day with families.

Christingle is for all ages – it’s not a “children’s service” but a celebration for adults and young people. It uses singing, symbolism, story and silence; prayer and praise, and we light Advent candles as well as the orange wrapped in red, garnished with fruit & sweets to represent the seasons, and surmounted by a candle.

I am looking forward to being a part of Christingle, and to sharing a stage on your journey to Bethlehem.

Rev'd. John Good