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Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Holne


The church dates from the thirteenth century with the records showing an incumbent priest in Holne in 1240. Its dedication to St Mary the Virgin may indicate earlier links to the abbey at Buckfast, whose sheep were grazed in the district of Holne.

Over the centuries the church has undergone many structural changes, however the church’s roodscreen (shown here) is a wonderful example of medieval paintwork and gilding and dates from around 1480.The pulpit is from the same period. It is of an unusual design and is thought to have been hollowed from a single piece of wood. 

Both survived the upheavals wrought by the Reformation and Roundheads.

Charles Kingsley was born and baptised in Holne in 1819, during the time his father was a curate here. There is an extremely fine stained glass window dedicated to his memory in the North Transept.

In the churchyard stands an ancient yew tree which possibly predates the church.

Gallery of church photographs

If you would like to learn more about the church and its history there is an audiovisual guide available as an "app" which you can download to your smart phone or tablet for a modest fee here.

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